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Once I had found a very nice site which shows all the information of a URL and was providing a great report and a score of your site. I am not able to remember which it was. Can you suggest your favorite seo site checker? Thanks!
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Real world experience and reading and constantly updating to current techniques.

Most of these tools will not be that useful for real SEO work. For example many of those tools will mark you down drastically if you do not use meta tag keywords. And we all know how Google and Bing/Yahoo feels about that.
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Yeah some of those don't even work showing some kind of errors and stuff. I am done using those tools they are all fake.
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These are all false statements that suppose to improve and help your SEO.
If SEO would have been so easy then everyone would have mastered it long time ago, and we wouldn't be discussing this topic today!

Occam's razor
"If you have two theories that both explain the observed facts, then you should use the simplest until more evidence comes along"
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I find everything you say here false. Everything in life is ever changing, which means ever lasting knowledge is required. You will always have to learn and adapt regardless of the subject and more so anything relating to any form of technology.

Nor do I see how the people responding including myself have provided anything wrong as you state it.

Even things that have been mastered long ago are still active and debated subjects. Also what is simplest to you may not be to another and visa versa. No one claimed any mastering of anything, and mine were merely suggestions on just a few of the basic things the top people in SEO employ.

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