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Best affiliate marketing programs for beginners?

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ivan Offline referral

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I know more or less how affiliate program or marketing works and I know that it is possible to make decent amount of money with it buy as a beginner I would rather start with affiliate program that is more suitable for beginners and not for professionals.
maya Offline referral

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I don't think there is a specific affiliate program made for beginners.
chod Offline referral

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Sure there is
Use Peerfly.com they are the most n00b friendly. PM if you want a referral link. There are others but there is the most hand holding with this company if you need/desire it.
hmoudi2000 Offline referral

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(09-21-2013 06:15 PM)ivan Wrote:  I know more or less how affiliate program or marketing works and I know that it is possible to make decent amount of money with it buy as a ...

Thanks For Your Post
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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@hmoudi2000 thanks for what for the question?
vinzleft Offline referral

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Click bank, CJ, Amazon, JVzoo is the best place I know.
seojamz Offline referral

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idk but I have only earned $1.76 with amazon so far lol
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click bank & peer fly both are best affiliate networks.
wellsworld Offline referral

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when it comes to pps or selling digital product clickbank is the best but peerfly, maxbounty and cj offers something different and unique called ppl.
meaning you don't need sales to make money online.
there are few program online offering easy start up for newbie.
i personally suggest as a newbie you follow already proven success.
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When talking about affiliate marketing, I do advice beginners to partner with AMAZON. The reason why is; AMAZON reward for any kind of product customer checkout through your affiliate link. It's a huge opportunity for those that wants to earn big in affiliate marketing. I have a friend promoting female dresses on his personal blog, most of his earn are not through female dresses. Some are like home decor, mobile gadget, kids toys etc and he is earn big every month. So far he forward his blog visitors to Amazon, they will surely place an order for one or two product.
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Hello Ivan,

Great Question asked by you, and I also want to know about it, so I am waiting to know replies if given by someone.

I Also want to know about affiliate marketing, so can you give me some link to learn about affiliate marketing! (Any buddy can help me, I am newbie here)

Google this topic

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