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Best cell phone

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I would like to buy a mobile or cell phone but I am interesting in the best mobile phone money can buy
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It's kind of difficult to say which mobile phone is the best, because every day a new cell phone models come out. However these are seem to be best cell phones:
Top cell phones

1. HTC One
2. Samsung Galaxy S4
3. iPhone 5
4. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD
5. LG Optimus G Pro
6. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
7. HTC Droid DNA
8. Nokia Lumia 920
9. Nexus 4
10. HTC First
11. Sony Xperia Z
12. Samsung Galaxy S3
13. HTC Windows Phone 8X
14. HTC One X+
15. HTC One X
16. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
17. Apple iPhone 4S
18. HTC Evo 4G LTE
19. BlackBerry Z10
20. BlackBerry Q10
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Out of that list I would say anything but the rotten apple Wink Stay out of the closed and locked environment that Crapple gives you. Don't be a sheep and buy into the our hardware of lower specs is worth so much more cause we wrapped in a prettier package BS. Way over priced under spec'd phones.

I would say anything else is golden.

My personal choice currently is the Note 2 by Samsung. It has allowed me to stop having to carry a laptop around to do remote admin work on the road and sooooo much more. I run my own custom ROM on it though.
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I think Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best cell phone so far!

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