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Best place to sell domain names

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I am looking for a Marketplace to sell domain name. I have a few domain names I want to sell quickly, and I want to be able to make money by selling those domain names. Also this is a bit of topic but where can I buy domain names?
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Usually you can buy and sell domain names at the same Marketplace.
The #1 Marketplace for Buying and Selling Websites is Flippa.com
Godaddy Auction
Is also a good Marketplace to buy and sell domain names
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I prefer flippa over the rest in Maya's list. I have used them I think around 10 times to sell off some domains. All ended up yielding much more than I could have hoped for.
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How exactly this buy sell domain names marketplace works?
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I you decide to sell your domain name on let say Flippa marketplace then you will have to pay a listing fee as well as a success fee for more info on Flippa fees: https://flippa.com/pricing

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