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Best ways to market a gaming website?

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How can I get my website marketed online cheap if possible for free? I would like my website to be known and associated with video games store?
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If you expect a free Service to market this type of category/product: the result will be SEO DIY.
Competitive keyword - Video Games

@Dude, If the website content is well and good, it will get ranked in some good position (When you start your SEO campaigns) in location based engines like (Google Australia/Google India). I tried my colleague website recently: The term is "Mobile video games", 2 months over - Now it is ranked in 40th position, it is a good start for a new website...right?

7 Ways for marketing a gaming website
First and foremost step is listen the targeted audience. Understand who your audience are! (Try Google Alerts)
1. Search engine optimization is the best way to engage the quality visitors
2. By providing some good commissioning to the affiliates
3. Paid ads in the gaming directories/e-stores/websites banner ads
4. Try with App stores
5. Nowadays, most of the gaming companies started advertising through facebook
6. Press releases & podcasting helps to get popularized
7. Collect the gaming users mails - Newsletter Marketing
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Video marketing, blog posting, forum posting will get you traffic and a few backlinks but what you need is to make your website cool so that it will make want me to comeback.

Post game reviews PC, Xbox, PlayStation related.

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