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How can optimization any website in Bing or Yahoo?
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SEO is pretty much the same for everyone however the main different is not in the type of SEO your are doing but how long does it take to start producing results. Bing and Yahoo SEO is knows to take much longer than Google.

You should start by doing some basic search engine optimization:

Add and optimized tile, description meta tags.
Create and the submit sitemap.
Submit your website to search engine.

Now that you have basics done you can start doing some a bit more advanced SEO.

Optimize website by fixing any wc3 errors - on-page optimization.
Start working on generating backlinks - off-page optimization.
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@SureNot is right! - Any search engines algorithms are built to give the proper result to the end-user (Who is searching something in the search bar).

When you built the website to satisfy the targeted visitor's 100%. Sure your website will become search engine friendly too.
Take a small study about Google 200 Signals - It applies for YBN network too!
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Please take a look at this Bing SEO guide: http://www.bing.com/webmaster/help/webma...s-30fba23a
It tells you everything about how Bing wants you to do SEO.

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