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Bing Ads vs Google Adwords Campaign?

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Which ad network is better when it comes to online advertising and doing internet marketing. I want great results yet without spending a tons of money?
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Bing advertising could actually produce more results as most of online marketers are using Google which is not cheap so you would have less people competing for the same keyword.
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Google AdWords has a native integration with Google analytic, and by enabling the auto-tagging of Adwords ads. With Bing Ads, you will need to set up custom parameter to replicate what Google Adwords does automatically.
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No doubt, google adwords. Most people use google as search engine, promote your campaign with google is wise. Also, you can use many other tools of google such as google analytics, google trends of search webmaster,...the information is highly trust-worthy because it use data from itself
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Google Adwords :
When people think of search advertising, their mind automatically goes to Google AdWords. That’s a double-edge sword in many ways. While it means more revenue for Google, it means higher costs for advertisers.
1. Higher Search Volume
2. Ad Extensions & Additional Visibility
3. Easier to Manage

Bing Ads :
Bing Ads is often an overlooked platform and it shouldn’t be. There are a lot of positives that go with advertising on Bing.
1. Potentially Lower Cost
2. Bing/Yahoo Partners
3. Great Customer Service

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