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Black Hat SEO Tools?

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What are the best, most popular and powerful black hat seo tools you are aware of that will increase my site rankings, PR and increase traffic?
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The below are some of the best black hat tools I used.

Backlink Builders:
Sick Submitter
GSA (Search Engine ranker)
Extreme Wiki Poster
Social Bookmarking Demon


Auto Bots Creation Tools:

Yahoo Answer:
Yahoo Answer Assault
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Black hat SEO Tools are ultimate demon, Xrumer, Senuke Xcr, GSA serach engine ranker, Rankwyz, and Scrape box.
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Does Black hat Seo help in getting high page rank.
How to optimize my website for block hat seo.
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Black hat works great and will get your website on Google first page fast BUT there are some serious risks involved you have to take into account.

Black-Hat are techniques and tactics and there are tons of them so you need to be specific about what you want.

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