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Black Hat Seo For 2015!

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Are you aware of some new 2015 black hat seo tactics and techniques that will make much easier to improve rankings and get traffic of the website?
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As I said in your previous thread it's too early to know! But pretty much everything that worked last year should in the theory continue working. SEO is changing every month so it black hat!
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According to me, now people don’t use black hat SEO techniques to improve website traffic and rank because if caught doing black hat SEO for a website, then website may panelize by search engines.
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there is no point of using a black hat seo as this will do more bad than good, you only gone hurt the site sooner or later
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Black Hat SEO Does not follow the guide line of search engine.
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Black hat seo can later on penalize your website make sure to honor community rules as far as possible.

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