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Black Hat World - Blackhatworld.com - Good/Bad?

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What makes Black Hat World good and what is that makes it bad?
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You tell us. Just because someone might find this site good, does not mean others will. It is up to you to decide what sites or blogs online to trust with the success of your own sites if you are using techniques from it.
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Blackhatworld.com is a great place to discuss black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Just like all the websites it has bad and good things, just because something looks bad to me doesn't necessarily mean it's bad for everybody!
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People don't want to spend time on general white hat SEO and are looking for shortcuts to rank their web site high in the search engine like Google so the only way to achieve that is by using black hat SEO and "Black hat world" is the website where you can find out how to do it! People are always drawn to easy and free stuff!
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Just another great SEO forum that has many users that are discussing everything from internet marketing to SEO including black. grey and white hat SEO.

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