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Blog commenting still works?

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Submitting comments with links on relevant blogs are fine to Google?
Do I build my back-links by blog/article commenting for better ranking results?
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Blog commenting and forum posting still have very powerful effect on the SEO as they are among THE easiest and quickest way to get backlinks and traffic. Lets don't forget that the link has to be high pr, relevant and dofollow.

The only problem is that most good websites are moderated therefor makes it impossible to get a link from them.
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For me it always worked until no I mean Smile These days it's becoming harder and harder to find dofollow blogs and forums.
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Yes, Blog commenting works good always.

Check the following criteria for better results:
High PR - Do-Follow - Relevancy - Domain authority - Outbound link below 50 - Comments below 100 - Check for spammy comments (Adult/gambling words)

Its something easy to Find a blog which meets the above guidelines (When you're a perfect scraper). But posting and getting approved from is tougher.

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