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Blue Color in Web Design

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Clarity, simplicity, efficiency - it's all about blue color in web design. The gender of your clients differs, but all of them like your sites in blue color. Types of sites using blue color:

Computer technology
Social websites
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Website design is the absolutely the key to success of your eCommerce! I am not saying that's the most and the only thing you need, I am saying that the website is a tool and the user has to be comfortable using it. Dark aggressive colors are no go since they can incontinently induce some bad/negative thoughts, feelings.

Also you have to account for the fact that most of us when do certain things before we do it expect to see or feel stuff.

When I am about to visit a new forum site I am expecting to see certain layout at least and I get confused when I don't see it.
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Who cares about the color anyways what's important is the content and the way it's presented.

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