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I trying to get my hands on some good and long list of valid email addresses to be used in email marketing any idea how much would that cost? Or maybe there is a way to get it for free?
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although there are quitely alot of gigs out there willing to post your e mails or sales letter to unlimited numbers of valid e mail address.
it usually goes for 10 dollar in sales. it sometimes good to ask the seller what niche is the e mails list gotten from or what kind of niche will do well on the list.
remember not all niche or product will sell or generate profit.
specific product for specific e mail list equals profit.
do some research or question asking before purchasing any e mail marketing gigs.
also, do ask for some gauranteed like clicks, optin. normally cpa product is a full blast.

feel free to pm me for more info on cpa or e mail marketing tools. i love to help!
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I think you should try <REMOVED> . I have used it, you can collect thousands . It is the cheapest tool in which I know and best tool I have used.
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I have PowerMTA + Interspire that has clean Ips..
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There are more than a ton email sending sites you can use bulkmailerpro.com for send emails as well..Or build your own App which can help you in several ways..Contact us..
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i have one million emails US
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I see Email marketing is a good way for selling. However I do not like buying email list 'cause this is private information!

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