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Buy high PR dofollow backlinks?

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I see these offers all the time they offer to generate high PageRank and follow backlinks to your website for a small amount of money!

Can this be really true?
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High PR and quality backlinks are the key to high rankings. Now think about this way! If I have what it takes to get my website on Google first page which will bring tons of free organic traffic which would make me a ton of money will I sell it for a small amount of cash?

That is your answer!
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You can always go for manual submission in where it is more effective to drive loyal audience to your website.
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I think quality content will largely decide not backlink. Because content is king in Seo.
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Some of these are good, but many of them send junk links to people's websites and kill their rankings after giving them a temporary boost.
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I don't think so and a the one thing which is really important is a high quality backlinks.
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a high quality links is a hight quality link....I take every link i can get
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Yeah it was true but that high quality links are good for your website, but many providers are just providing the unnatural and not much beneficial for your website.
They are just the links built by using the black hat techniques and by this links your website may be get penalized by the Google.
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Yes high PR dofollow backlinks is very beneficial for any website because Google crawl do follow links very fastly and take the benefits of credits of website by passing the link juice.
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Yes, it is true that links from high PR and follow backlinks are very effective for your website.
This type of links is very helpful to rank your website on the Search Engine Result Page.

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