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Buying high PR and ranking expired domains and redirect them to main site SEO?

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What do you think about my plan of improving my website seo, rankings, traffic and PR? There are many domain manes that have just expired which have higher PageRank than my site so wanna buy or register them and then redirect them to my main site! Is this a good plan will it work?
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In the theory it sounds pretty powerful but in the reality there is a huge problem! There is a reason why the webmaster of that site let the domain name to expire. Most likely is cause the site was involved in some scheme or black hat SEO for which it got blacklisted or banned from Google search engine. Now if you redirect such domain to your site you will also be redirecting all its negative juices and problems turning your site into a pretty much the same one which will cause it to loose rankings, PageRank you name it.

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