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CSS padding & margin order?

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Hi I am playing with css margin and padding properties but I am not sure about the order? Is the correct order:

Top, Right, Bottom, Left
Left, Top, Right, Bottom

I mean some can anybody explain how CSS works????
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The correct margin and padding order is:

padding:1px 2px 3px 4px;
top padding is 1px
right padding is 2px
bottom padding is 3px
left padding is 4px

padding:1px 2px;
top and bottom padding is 1px;
right and left padding is 2px;

padding: 7px;
All 4 padding are 7px

margin:2px 3px 4px 5px;
top margin is 2px
right margin is 3px
bottom margin is 4px
left margin is 5px

margin:2px 3px;
top and bottom margin is 2px;
right and left margin is 3px;

margin: 5px;
All 4 margin are 5px

Off topic. For the border radius the correct order is, left-top, right-top, right-bottom, left-bottom.

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