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Can I click on my Adsene ads?

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I need to know if I can click on my Adsense ads and if I can how many times can I click my ads a month? However if can't click my Adsense ads then what would happen I would to start clicking on them and how would Google find-out that I am the one that clicks on those ads?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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What you are describing is called "AdSense invalid clicks" and will get your account banned if you continue doing that!

Clicks and impressions, Invalid clicks.

Google records IP address from which click was made and if the click is made from the same IP address again is marked as invalid click!
AdSense records IP address of all publishers and if AdSense catches any publisher clicking on its own ads then that publisher gets banned from AdSense PPC network!
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If you accidentally clicked once on your ad then don't wary nothing will happen but since you have mentioned that you want to click on your ads to increase earnings then you will get banned from Adsense!
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Adversely, Don't click on your ads, you will get ban by Google for doing so
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You will get banned if you will do consistently and deliberately. Google has very strict policy for adsense so don't try to manipulate your adsense ads by fake clicks.
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Don't think that you can cheat Google. It is impossible. Google has a best group of development programmer to detect any cheaters.
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If you want to get banned your ad sense account then only you click on your own ads.

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