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Can a Webmaster Forum still make money?

make money online
patrocle Offline referral

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Just curios , if a webmaster forum still can make money? This days there are so many online
you don't even know where to sign up !001_biggrin

I have a domain , about 4 year old , webmaster related , used to be a pr2 i think , but

now i have no content , forum,etc so it went to pr0.

Not sure what should i do , if is worth to put time in it again by opening a forum or just a website that provides some online webmaster services!?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Very interesting question. Nowadays each niche has literally thousands and thousands of websites competing for top rankings which makes it harder and harder for a new one to get noticed cause of high competition.

Webmaster forums is no exception, as you mentioned above there a many of them and pretty good ones too but it doesn't mean they are unbeatable you just need to come up with something better YES it's hard when something already is great but this is how it works buddy and it's gonna get even tougher as internet gets bigger.

To start making money with eCommerce (legal way) takes time lots persistence and sacrifice. If you think you can handle this then yo have a chance to beat your competition.

P.S there could be many sites but most of them are junk which help a bit.
patrocle Offline referral

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Hello Marcus,

Yes you right in all, is harder and harder this days , specially when you try to open a webmaster forum...

Looking for ideas and maybe a partner , still thinking what will work to make some extra cash...
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When you visit any website specially a forum one you can see straightaway weather the webmaster of that site is more interesting in money or actually user experience.

My subjection is start building your community focus more in making everyone happy not to get their money and you will succeed. Then once you become big you could start your own adverting program to further help people looking for a cheap way to get more traffic.
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You have to come-up with something unique otherwise NO.
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Take sure not advice. You need to come up of something to compete with other webmaste forum floating around. Brainstorm if you need too. All you have to do is be unique.

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