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Can anyone tell me the back-end process of search engine?

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I need to know how Google search engines works? before getting into more seo discussions Smile
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Hi, think of it like this. The internet (WEB) is a big library and Google is a librarian that organizes all those books but it's title and content.
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Apart from @dude's replay you have to understand that it's called search engine which means it shows results. Google will first index the content of a website and determine its value in terms of general page performance and the content optimization to make sure it is OK and not violation any quality guidelines. Then the final step before determining search results position is checking for backlinks.

Well optimized content + high website performance + good amount of backlinks = high search engine ranking position.
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Search engines are match your keyword with more number of webpages, in that which website having relevant content and more back links sites has been displays on top.

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