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Can't able to figure out the problem

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This is one of my colleague website...He said he has been running seo Campaigns for more than 2 months... but no improvement at all.

Site: http://www.cleanslatecredit4u.com

I checked with Woorank - Although the site has everything - Woorank results the website has no meta title, images....etc...
I also checked with the robots file, all the pages were indexed and looks good.

Need your suggestions...Just need to know why the website is not moving up or down? Is something blocking the data?
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site:cleanslatecredit4u.com shows only 12 results tell him to publish more content.

Also the above fold pretty much contains no real content rich in keywords your client is targeting.

The website scores only 21/100 on PageSpeed Insights that is terrible make sure he fix that as you know how on-site optimization is important.

Description meta tag is missing.
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Thanks @Marcus, I told him to reduce the page speed! But I feel some other issue is there! Even the waybackmachine has no information about the site. Something is blocking terribly?
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The website has no real value for Google it contains no content no backlinks how do you expect to it to go up in ranking!

Quote:Your website has not backlinks to report. -- Go on .. and build backlinks first Wink
btw.. you can look into following few options to build backlinks

Google this topic

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