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Can't post reply

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Hi ,every time I try to reply sistem pop up error "ERROR - Slow down cowboy! You need to have +10 posts to be able to include URLs. Repeated attempts to post URL will get you banned for 24h.",there is no url in post offcourse.I even get 24 ban yesterday Smile .I checked everytme post to see there is no urls or words in format word(dot)xx As you can see I can post thread
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Support Team
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. This anti-spam system is very sensitive! Make sure you don't have some like this .someword or someword.someword in your content.
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Well you as a member with less than 10 posts you shouldn't attempt to post any URL that is the reason they have this system.

The other thing if you quote some post that contains URL it will not let you reply either!
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You have only 1 post. Thats why you are facing this error.
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copied content in google search will help you out

try to put the content in the google search results you will get the copied content in the dark black dotted colors

Google this topic

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