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Hello guys this is my first post here
let's get right into it
i got a product from alixpress
made 1 page store for the product

I used the standard yoga sticker style price.
I set my price per sticker at $17.99
My base costs were $7.30 per sticker

I set the daily ad spend to $10 and I was paying for post engagement
after spending about $40 on testing some ad sets i finally found the winning ad copy

Sold 130+ sticker
Paid $78 ad spend for the working ad copy

i targeted some famous yoga pages on facebook
after a lot of researches
and i used narrow audiance to narrow my audiance to engaged shoppers

targeted age 22-45 women only

I feel like i started to master facebook ads
so guys facebook ads is really a goldmine
and keep in mind 2 things
1- It's Visual
2- Clear Call To Action

yes and sharing , tagging really help your ad to get more reach

tell me what you think and if you have any questions
from now on i will share my winning and faild campaigns here

sadly am not allowed to share pictures
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Good for you! When planning for marketing you need to pay real close attention to conversion rate!

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