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Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay. Which is the best for making money?

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Affiliate programs without a doubt the easiest way to make money online it's ideal for beginners. There am literally thousands of site that offer some sort of program BUT there are 3 sites that are pretty known in affiliate marketing Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay. Out of these 3 which one is the best and why?
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These are best of the best so instead of looking for which one is better why not use all 3 of them an maximize your earnings?
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Are they the same or each program is different?
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They are all different from each other significantly. Click bank commonly base on digital products with reliable and profitable conversion rate for as an affiliate even there is possibility that you as an affiliate can earn more than the owner of the product you are promoting. On click bank there's conversion rate up to 70% which is very huge, click bank server cookie last till nothing less 60 good days which I see as the best way to earn more money for all affiliate marketers. Amazon associate program is another great opportunity for all affiliate marketers but with low conversion rate of nothing less than 4 to 18%. The reason why a lot of people go with Amazon is that you will definitely get commission on all product been purchased through your affiliate link even do you are not promoting that item, Amazon cookie last for only 24 hours so any purchase through your affiliate link after 24 hours will not be added to your commission lists of that month. Ebay is also good and apparently similar to Amazon, it depends on your choice if you really want to make money online quick. Remember a lot of work have to be done from your side. All affiliate registrar will keep you up with required tools you need to get going in the business, so make use of them responsibly.

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