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Clone website SEO?

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I have a website and the entire website is in English so I want to clone my site but instead of English I wanna translate it to Spanish will that work or not? I want to know if translating web site content to another language is viewed by Google as duplicate content?
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Cloning website is never a good idea. Why don't you simply create a Spanish website version like add a Spanish language so that users will have a choice either to read in English or Spanish.

If you are talking about new website then at least make it look differently from your original one!
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Translating languages is not considered as duplicate content in my opinion. The words are different, so a google bot won't be able to determine whether one language is an exact translation of the another
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Website clone is creating a new website with improved design and functionality inspired from an existing website.
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Be careful copying other pepople's articles. No matter if you will translate it to spanish language.
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Search engines like Google have a problem – it's called 'duplicate content'. Duplicate content means that similar content appears at multiple locations (URLs) on the web, and as a result search engines don't know which URL to show in the search results.

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