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Color choice in Marketing

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People respond differently to different colors and if you know how and why they do. When you understand how someone reacts to a color, you can solicit a response. It's like copy writing, but for a completely different part of the brain.
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Totally agree, in any marketing you have to learn to master the power of persuasion. Color, font, size, sound, those are all factors that our brain takes into consideration before making a decision.
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In eCommerce presentation and first impression is everything as it determines difference between customer or not. Businesses website has to have light not to dark but also not to bright colors. The colors have to be worm to make person checking the site feel cool and relax. Blue color if you don't know represents confidence and power that is why Americans use so much of it Smile
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In the marketing you have to take all possible variables into consideration.
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If you are not sure just hire a professional website and graphics designer it's not that expensive. I also believe that some colors could produce negative results for your marketing campaign. You have to make your landing page right with right fonts and colors.

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