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Let me explain my current situation folks.

I have a domain that I want adsense support team to review and enable ads. It's a legit site 100%. I purchased this domain already in this state. There is no risk involved for your whatsoever!

I am not earning sufficient amount of money with adsense to have an email support line that's why I am proposing this deal.

If you can contact Adsense on my behalf or simply explain my situation and ask them to review a website I will pay you 50€ once ads are enabled!

Currently is't an online dating web-site.

Please PM me so that I can share the link with you and formalize this deal.
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I did not receive my payment from adsense till now .
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so adsense does not pay?
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it's better to go for other earning sources like affiliate, paid guest etc. on your blog the adsense has decreased bloggers pay and strict their policies to get adsense approval
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adsense does pay if you have a good traffic on your site and has good content which is engaging to the users.

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