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Keep content short, informative and to the point also add images and videos. Information that comes to the brain visual and more views for articles with images.
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Most content writers think that the huge contents are better cause they are more SEO friendly. It's true but they are not very user-friendly. If you have the chance to explain something with just a few sentences then it's gonna be best for all. It shouldn't take you 2 pages to explain some simple things keep it short but informative. Avoid multiple page as nobody likes that. Images or illustrations and videos in many cases are better than words since you can't always explain with words all the steps.
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When doing article marketing you one should pay attention to make it comply with SEO like keep keywords density and proximity under the radar. Also the longer the content the more keywords Google will be using from it which means that it will rank for multiple search queries!
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I think content of should unique, great. Write content for audience not for your website. If content is good, then people will like to read.

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