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Create a MySQL table with phpMyAdmin?

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Guys I am playing around with phpMyAdmin and I need to create a table for my PHP plugin that needs to update that table for the conditional in my template to work properly, how to create table in SQL database?
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To create a new table in the database just click on the database where you want to create a new table, make sure Structure tab is selected then scroll down and you will find at the very bottom of all present tables Create table section, under Print view, Data Dictionary, just input name and number of columns!

But I have a filling you were actually referring to, create a new field/column in a table, if so click on the table where you want to create a new field or a column, then select Structure tab, scroll all the way down and under Print view, Relation view, Propose table structure, Track table you will see: Add column(s), just enter 1 as you only want to create one column and choose either you want to add a column At End of Table or At Beginning of Table
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Great reply @Victor it couldn't be better!
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To add records inside a database table, open the table with phpMyAdmin and click the Insert tab. Enter the desired data in the corresponding fields and click on the Go button to store it. You can see the newly inserted record by clicking on the Browse tab.

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