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The Content on your website convey your visitors which services you providing, encourages them to gone through into whole website. Content marketing efforts can be an uphill battle.
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It's a bit tricky to make users want to check some other pages on your site! Most of the time users just read what they want and don't bother to learn something else. To decrease bounce rate you should include links to relevant content somewhere that will make them visible to the user reading the post.

Type of the website plays an important role! Websites where users don't have to read have relatively low bounce rate, like video games, video sharing or music sites.
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No doubt that the duality of every singe content is the key to reduce bounce rate. If I stumble upon some professionally written post I will most likely want to learn more! In the other hand scraped, copied, republished, rewritten content will make me want to leave as it's very easy to detect such material. You should never use article spinning if you care about your brand reputation and rankings!
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Navigating the user with the help of content can only be done when you read the consumers mindset. Better UI design and interesting readable content make this easily.

Search engines says to develop the content for user, even it has some power set of constrained rules about content(Keyword proximity/prominence/stuffing/frequency) to rank and display in search results.

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