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Difference between html and html5

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Interesting question what is the difference between html and html5?
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Well thinking of these as two separate things is not really good, you're looking at it the wrong way. What you're really asking is what is the difference between HTML4 and HTML5 as 4 was the previous version.

Currently 4 is the most commonly used/supported version, technically I think it's 4.01 but do not hold me to that.

What the push for with 5 is, is to bring in updates, new features, tighter support for other types of devices and so on. Currently not every single browser fully supports all the new things in 5, but that is quickly changing. HTML5 is what you should be striving to comply with at this stage of the game.

Some of the main differences are
Simplified syntax
New <canvas> element
New <section> & <article> elements
New <menu> <figure> <audio> <video> elements
Say goodbye to <b> <font> - CSS is king!
Goodbye to <frame> <center> <big>
And many many more.

I can by no means fully explain any better what is new or different in html5 than this, which is a good source that is always updated.
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Amazing reply by chod leaves me no margin to improve the answer Wink
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HTML is a markup dialect that is utilized to assemble static (non intelligent and nonanimated) pages. XHTML is a xml markup dialect that mirrors HTML sentence structures. HTML5 is the most recent amendment of HTML containing much better help for media like video and sound labels.

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