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Digital point forums - What's the secret!

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Hello, I am wondering what is the Digital point forums secret how did it become so popular and successful? I am struggling to get traffic to my website so I would love to know how Digital point forums get so much traffic?
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It's like asking What's the Secret Behind Google's Success? There is no secret to Digital point forums success! Digital point has been around for many year, don't think it became what it is today over night, it took Digital point forums many years to get to this point. You have to be patient and work hard to become successful in life!
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(07-23-2013 09:48 PM)ivan Wrote:  Hello, I am wondering what is the Digital point forums secret how did it become so popular and successful? I am struggling to get traffic to...
Not really sure why so many people are so impressed with the guy from Digital Point. Sure he made a BUTT ton of money, but who knows how many years it was all fraudulent. He was cookie stuffing and doing other very many shady things to help boost not only his traffic but what he was able to convert on. Basically he would make it even if you had your cookie in there and yours was the legal one to get the sale his would over-ride yours and get credit for it. That is a really simplistic way to explain it but still.

The dude is a fricken tool, should not be looked at as an inspiration. Unless you want to build an empire only to #@$%!!! it away on greed. He is a typical shyster con artist. I have even less respect for him because he was in it from the get go like a few of us lucky ones, there was no need for the greed unless he built a lifestyle or habits outside the normal means of easily supporting it.

But to be more direct to his secret, well he came up with something no body else offered, probably before you were even born or just barely born, and kept his pursuits online and eventually got passed around enough to build the following. Basically as said it is work, time, work, time, work, time, spend money, time, work, work, maybe make something finally. Couple years from now who knows, but everyone and their mother is looking for that quick get rich method.

If you want the easiest way to make a ton of money super fast. It is simple and a one step process.
1. Have a bunch of money to start with! Or come up with something no one else has that everyone and their mother needs.
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I think Chod people are just jealous! They see this man making so much money online with Adsense and they want piece of it too! They think there has to be some sort of secret behinds this man's success but don't realize how much work he put in.

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