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DigitalPoint AdSense revenue sharing program cancelled years ago

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DigitalPoint was known for many years to have AdSense revenue sharing program that was allowing users to make money on DigitalPoint forums by posting! However they have canceled AdSense revenue sharing due to the fact that it wasn't helping generating good quality posts. "Some people come to the forum with the false assumption they are going to get rich by posting 50 posts of garbage. This makes more work for moderators to clean up."
So yes AdSense revenue sharing program I think is a good way to make money online by posting, for users but for the moderators it's a nightmare. That is why I think letsforum will follow DigitalPoint and cancel their AdSense revenue sharing very soon!
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Yes AdSense revenue sharing is an easy way to make money online without any website or a blog. But I think just as DigitalPoint found out it makes your forum look like garbage bin.
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If I am not mistaking now digital point forums is making very little money with Adsense, most of its income comes from they advertising program Smile

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