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Display none links Google indexing SEO?

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I have like 200 links on my page I would like to show like 50 hide the rest and place a show more button than when clicked will show the rest of the links!

I mean 150 links will have be display none! I am wondering it they get crawled by Google?
1minhlakin Offline referral

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Yes they can, I have checked it myself.

As long as the link is in the Html code of the site, google can read it.
The only case this wouldn't work is if only After click "show more" the links appear in the html code (by some javascript code, maybe). Then google cannot crawl it because the spider cannot "click" the button
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What do you think using CSS position:absolute; and overflow:hidden; and height:200px;

I mean use jQuery to add class that will then show the content?
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