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Do Image Submission Gain Backlinks?

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Rakesh-Kadu Offline referral

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Recently I searched for Image Submission sites. My question is that "Do Image Submission Sites Gain Backlinks"? If so, tell me some of the reputed sites where I will get Backlinks.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
I don't think so unless the image is in some kick-ass content and has a relevant ALT tag.
daikaads Offline referral

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It is hard to gain backlinks using the Image so better you can use the social media websites to get the backlinks and traffic for your website.
poonamSingh25 Offline referral

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According to me, Yes. Image back-submission gain back-links because, you just need to optimize your images for keywords (be very careful of the relevance, though) that you want to rank for, so that your image shows up in the Google Image search results. This additional traffic to your website may be someone who is visiting your website for the first time and could probably become a new customer, a new subscribe or simply a new link.
nileshdeshmukh Offline referral

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Fotolog, Zoto, ibibo and Scrapblog, these are just a few of the many images bookmarking sites that allow you to promote your share worthy images and in return you get many good backlinks.
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Yes, Image submission is an important factor for gain backlinks.

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I don't think so, but if it something like an image found on a blog with an alt tag that goes something like this 'Messi-vs-Cristiano-ronaldo', plus associated with a good content then it will definitely rank on SERP.
iammanisha Offline referral

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yes, image submission is good for getting backlinks.
Neha Offline referral

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Yes it is helpful to gain backlinks if you are using good quality website and your posting images are informative and attractive.
davidweb09 Offline referral

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Yes, Image submission site like Flickr, Instagram help to increase your website backlinks & traffic.
sam657 Offline referral

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I don't think so it is a good way of getting backlinks.
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Web sites allow you to post pictures, if you use images taken from your web address, it is also a backlink type, you can find many such wen sites on google.

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