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Do classified sites still help SEO 2014?

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Many webmasters are saying that web directories are no longer good for getting backlinks and that now Google wants content not backlinks but is it true? Classified sites had been a great source for getting free traffic and the most important free high PR (page-rank) backlinks but are they still used by webmasters to get backlinks now that Google wants content?
And does Google still use backlinks?
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Classified sites are wonderful source of back links but some high PR sites only.
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Yes , its still working good, even some times classifieds websites shows on top before our website with some keywords (if we place an ad on the classifieds websites).

How to post a ad on classifieds website?
Choose proper category for you business/product.
Need a proper Title.
Write detailed description.
Add a image with it.
Must provide contact details and email address.
Post your ad for free(no need of pay ads).
After placing your ad Share it on Social media networking websites for more visibility.
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In some ways yes they do help getting backlinks and traffic but most of backlinks are not going to be relavant to your site unless your site is another Classifieds site!
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Yes Classifieds website still good to promote a Product and brand or Business,
Help to reach old and new customers. As some one explain above must choose our proper category and Give the contact details.

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