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Do .com domains rank higher than .org and .net?

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Guys does Google give more weight to web-sites that have a .com domain name? What if I have a domain name .net or .org will I even have a chance to get high rankings?
micromaxsamsung7 Offline referral

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.com is given more importance but according to backlinks the ranking shall be decided
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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The domain extension doesn't really matter that much what matters is the quality of the website like the content it contains and backlinks!
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.com are the most preferred domains by users. Google always giving slightly high weight for .com domains. But the ranking is purely depends on the quality of the website.
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i think rank is not depend on .com or .org. its depending traffic and content only
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.com or .org doesn't matter, only the quality matters in ranking.

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