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Do-follow forums?

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The majority of top, high PR (Page-Rank) and ranking discussion forums are nofollow ones means that links in your post and in the signature have the rel="nofollow". This means that those links are useless.

What we need are dofollow backlinks. BUT do you believe that any dofollow forum will have high value for Google?
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I have read at many authoritative websites that nofollow forum links also add to your website backlink portfolio... and if you have high number of nofollow back links your SEO efforts appear natural and ethical to the search engines...
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Dofollow anchor link means that Google will follow it and the page where the link is will pass some SEO juice to the destination URL. Now this is only effective if the link is relevant and from high rankings and authority website!

Nofollow ones are also great if you use your domain name as the anchor text Google will not follow it but it will interpret that as a vote from that website Wink
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totally agree with the statement of marcus_avrelius, a backlink is a backlink and if u know how to use it than its dosent matter that if its a do follo or no follow

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