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Do nofollow backlinks matter in SEO?

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kickass Offline referral

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What if I generate a ton of backlinks and instead of being dofollow they are nofollow ones will they still help seo like increase rankings?
seo123 Offline referral

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Yes only if they originated on high quality high PR and relevant website!
micromaxsamsung7 Offline referral

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if have quality then it's nothing to do with dofollow or nofollow. backlinks are imp primarly.
alpa786 Offline referral

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High page ranks site submission better ranking your website because this all backlink fallow but other site submission do not fallow very harmful your site.
KevinMax Offline referral

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No-Follow gives you traffic
Google loves when a link comes from high authority places, No matter whether its no follow or do follow.
We should have less n.o of no follow links database for better rankings. I mean the count of nofollow links are always lower than the count of dofollow links.
Siddhartha Offline referral

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No follow back-link coming from high quality sites such as Yahoo is extremely important. there are some other sites also gives back-links even they are no-follow.
MrJaswal Offline referral

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As per Google's algorithms do-follow links are more valuable than no-follow.But i must say this is one thing of seo myths.sometimes no-follow links are preferable.

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