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Does Google take my Bing and Yahoo rankings into consideration?

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maria Offline referral

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My site rankings are better on Bing and Yahoo search engines than on Google search engine I need to know if Google takes that into consideration when calculation ranking position and PR?
KevinMax Offline referral

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No, it will not take the rankings of Yahoo & Bing! But remember YBN has some similar webmaster guidelines compare to Google. So your website will get ranked automatically when you got ranked on Yahoo & Bing.

Traffic you're getting through Yahoo & Bing helps, increase your Google rankings a bit. Not major considerations by Google!
reyansh roy Offline referral

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i think it does not take because you have followed the rules of bing and yahoo
for ranking your site all search engine has its own rules001_biggrin
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bing and yahoo is a search engine so if any on search bing or yahoo by google it may index .
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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Search engines have their own ways how to index your website. So yahoo will not affect google index.
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No, every search engine has their own way to index your site, display your site in search results so their is not any connection between search engines.

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