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Does Website traffic depends on Website Design?

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Guys I have a serious question about the relation between web site design and web site traffic. Does website design somehow influence on the amount of traffic site gets? If the website has bad design will that make it get less traffic than a website with an awesome look?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Website design or theme doesn't help to bring traffic it only help to keeps it. If you get lots of traffic and your website theme or design on terrible then nobody will ever want to comeback or visit you site again! You have to combine website design with great content to make it standout from your competitors!
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Nope only content and backlinks are responsible for website rankings and if your site ain't ranking high on Google then you will get no traffic!
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Yes, website design is the crucial part of every website especially for the online store website that offers product and service to millions of potential customers. The one of the important factor for website design is website speed. And another factor such as content, clear homepage landing pages and strong CTA has great impact on website traffic.
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SEO friendly webdesign matters a lot to boost traffic to your website.
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Yes, it can one of those factors, but mostly, it depends on your websites quality content and traffic for sure.

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