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Does advertising increase bounce rate?

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Advertising is how most of us make money. But it looks like it has a down side. Many say it's responsible for high bounce rate looks like it scares the users away makes them leave prematurely once they stumble upon an ad is this true?
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Not exactly, Advertisements helps in some cases to get good bounce rate. When its related to the user's mindset.

For Ex; If your website ranked for some purchasable keyword & the website doesn't sells anything - In that case sure user will leave the website without navigation. Advertisements helps decreasing the bounce rate, If the site's advertisements sells the product of what user wants.

If you subscribed to some Google adsense or some direct ads, the quality users may get frustrated with the spam ads (If something is unwanted to me ; obviously that is a SPAM to me...right?) and will instantly makes any user to leave the website for nothing.
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Advertising is not cool and it is one of the reasons people leave. However well designed and optimized website shouldn't be affected. When you design a theme or a template you should design it around ads. Don't use popups they are spam related and really annoying.
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A high bounce rate can be indicative of a number of things like you're acquiring the wrong kind of traffic to your page(s). Advertising probably will not increase your bounce rate.
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High bounce rates are not always a bad thing. It is meeting your business goals, it’s a good thing that they are not having to search your site further. Poor Design, Navigation and Usability, Use of multimedia, Pop-ups, Improve Your Content’s Readability.

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