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Does bing have keyword planner tool like google?

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I am using Adwords keyword planner tool not for my PPC campaign but to get the keywords ideas, search volume is what I am interested in most.

Now my attention is turned towards getting my website up in rankings on Bing and Yahoo so I really need to get keywords ideas relevant to these search engines?
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These days Bing pretty much has all tools Google only used to have and that makes it very competitive company. Until now Google had monopoly over the majority of online services but not any more as I mentioned above Bing had merged with Yahoo and they combined their knowledge, man-power and resources to come up will almost every singe tool Google has including maps which was what really made Google big.

Now back to your question. Yes they have one and it's called "Bing - Keyword Research Tool"
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According to me, Bing have Keyword planner tool.

Google this topic

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