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Does it take a team to start a new website?

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I always wondered how many people does it take to start a successful website from scratch? Can one person start new website and turn that website into popular one like Facebook or it a team effort?
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Not really it takes effort, desire and patience. Many now popular and well known websites had been created by one person. Once website starts getting traffic then you have to think about team to keep it functioning.
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For starting a website no need a team, you can post your requirement on crowdsourcing website where expert designers across the world will participate on your design and give you unique and SEO friendly websites.
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This depend on your plan. If you want to start the website for a large or big business then it must. because if you will start a big business the obviously you have to develop a big website means a portal. In that case regularly you have to need programmer to maintain the website. If in currently you want to start with a simple website the no requirement.
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Yes if you want to start new website you need team if it is biggest site. otherwise you dont need team.
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To create a website there is no any need of a team, you can also developa an website yourself. In the web there are so many CMS which can help you to create a website.
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It depends that how big the project is. And if it is a big project and you have all knowledge like codings, designing, .JS, jquery, Java sript etc and enough time then of-course you do not need a team. But we can rarely find a person who knows so many things at a level that he can develop a website.
So, for a big website you will need a team.
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It depends on person's talent and knowledge.
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It's really simple.
1) Buy a domain and hosting (you can use free ones)
2) Install Wordpress on your hosting
3) It would be best to find a theme, but that's optional
4) Fill in content

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