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Does number of follower can increase my site ranking?

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what about blog followers, email subscribers.
can this be helpful in seo
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Absolutely! Lets deviate a bit from the topic and talk about YouTube subscribers. If you have mullions of people subscribed to your channel the moment you publish a new video all of them will get notified and most of them will see it generating millions of views in a single day.

Blog and social media notworks followers, email subscribers pretty much act the same way. Once you update you page/profile, publish a new post or simply send out mass newsletter this will increase the content exposure and generate more buzz. From SEO prospective it's awesome cause usually search engine optimization takes time and for the new content to get indexed and then ranked high on Google takes time so by getting so much exposure in very short period of time is absolutely great for speeding up the indexing process and boosting PR and rankings as all that traffic will generate backlinks which are the key to SEO.

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