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Domain Authority drop due to Mail Merge

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Hello guys,

I'm new in the blog and I'm quite a beginner in seo. I want to share and have some clear feedbacks about what is happening with my website.

In the last month we experienced two drops in Domain and Page Authority. Both times seem this happened because we sent a mail merge. The first time the server was shut down and the website was down for some hours. I also want to precise that the mails were newsletters but actually we didn't follow the best practices in order to avoid spam.

Do you think the drop is due to the mail merge practice?

I hope the situation is clear enough. I would like to have some comments, feedbacks and if possible suggested solutions.
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Don't don't think email marketing has anything to do with Google SEO! You should check latest Google alghoritm updates that will tell you if you were hit by one of those!

If your website contains thin and low quality content then the latest Google quality update probably is the issue!

I would more focus these days on the on-page optimization as that is what Google wont's more than ever! They are making so much changes to filter out spammy and juts low quality sites from search results.
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So you think the drops in Domain Authority after a mail merge are just a bad coincidence?

But our website is optimized on Google's standard and we are continuously improving our quality of content and structure. So I hardly believe the drop was due to the quality.

Does anyone have some suggestion about how this could be related to the (probably spamming) mail merge?
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Maybe what you consider as quality content or good seo is not what Google wants!

It could because your emails sent to Google gmail were marked too many times as SPAM and since you reference your domain name in your email address Google decided to penalize you for spamming!

In Google everything is connected!

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