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Domain extensions com net org?

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ladiesman217 Offline referral

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Does domain name extension matter in internet marketing? I see most of the websites are .com but why what if I register .net or .org will that have a negative impact on the whole process?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Well most people are used to .com so it's better to have this extension BUT generally speaking it doesn't matter what matters is the content.
surenot Offline referral

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I personally see domains others than .com as low tech. .com was always related to internet marketing so I suggest you to get one.
KevinMax Offline referral

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No matter what your extension is, When you become a "BRAND".

.com domains are very popular because most of the businesses are running in them without any problem. This doesn't mean that the .net and .org domains are not effective.
  • The well-known document sharing website with .net extension: slideshare.net
  • The most ever fabulous dictionary with .org extension: wikipedia.org
If you're targeting country specific then go with .co.uk(United Kingdom), .co.th(Thailand), .in(India).
seo123 Offline referral

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I also believe this has very low impact on your eCommerce. As @KevinMax already mentioned above what more important is your name AKA Brand.
vinzleft Offline referral

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Generally if you are beginner and want to brand yourself, it is advicable to use .com. Because it's a the most popular TLD. But as mentioned above it's about content and promoting your site.
ladiesman217 Offline referral

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I also believe .com is viewed as more authority domain name.
wellsworld Offline referral

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it all depend on the content of the website you are wanting to set up. in general .com is mostly use compare to the others due to their more specific uses.

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