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Domain name?

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I know domain is pretty important for both internet marketing and search engine optimization seo. Now hacking is a negative word but can I use it in my domain-name? The website will have nothing to do with illegal stuff! Are these kind of domains cool or they will bring problems?
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This keyword has many meanings depending on where you put it so I will not hurt your SEO as long as you stay away from this subject!
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I strongly believe Google is cool with that. Can't say the same about your customers since those kind of keywords are related to negativity and may bring negative thoughts which is not cool for marketing. Domain has to be as relevant to your niche as possible, has to be short ans easy to remember.

Marketing tip. Many marketers use combination of words that tempt to stuck in your mind for a long time they might not be relevant but if you will remember it after you visit the website is a big +.
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Sometimes negative keywords can make people to reconsider when it's about buying something or even going to that address. I would simply avoid that keyword.

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