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Domain name with www or without www?

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Most URLs have www many without it but which one is better and why some sites have it and others don't? How to remove www if I decide to get rid of it?
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With www or without it it's a matter of personal choice but once you start using one you have to keep using it otherwise you will run into canonical URL issue. Google looks at a website without www as a new website so URL with and without www will be interpreted as 2 completely different web sites. Refer to this topic: Redirec non www to www with htaccess
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This is not a worry that your URL are with www or without www but the URL any time open same kind. That don't be open both type. The user type with any kind but your URL redirect on a single kind of URL which you have fix...
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You can use any one with or without. But keep in mind to all use places in the same domain urls, otherwise you may be problem for duplicate URLs

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