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Doubt in Keyword competitions & Search Volume

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How Google is define the competition.
If the search volume is around 10-20 its shows high competitions , more than 500 search volume it shows low competitions!

How it define and how they calculate the keyword is high,medium or low competition keywords.
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It's based on Adwords bid price.

There is what in the industry we call low paying and high paying keywords.

Basically what it means is if the search volume is low the competition will be very high due to high PPC bids. "MESOTHELIOMA LAW FIRM" gets probably 20 to 50 searches per month but all advertisers want to rank high on paid search for this keyword so the solution is to pay more to Google which drives the competition up.
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In simple words, When a keyword is marketable (i.e when it makes some transactions) Google considers and gives Low/Medium/High competition batches.
Based on the bidding price Google gives High/Medium competition, For ex: General keywords like "Health" "Diet".

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