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Email marketing. How to send mass emails?

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I have a huge emails list but I don't know how to send an email to each and every one of them? Is there a software or something that sends bulk email like I mean mass email all at once?
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VPS and Dedicated hosting providers have unlimited emails so you can send mass mails without any limitations. Don't try it on a shared hosting as they will block you for spam. I also don't recommend using Gmail or any free emails service for this matter.

If you Google for "send mass email service" I am sure you will find many online services that for a small amount of money will help you out.

Remember that in many countries this is considered as crime and you can get prosecuted for sending spam emails.
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There are multiple of website for sending mail like SendBlaster, Bulk Mailer, Free Bulk Email Software, 1and1Mail, MailChimp, DNB Mass,Mailing Solution, MailList Controller Free, GroupMail Free Edition.
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Sure, there is plenty of them
Our company uses MailChimp as far as I know
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You can get a software or purchase one that can bring benefits to your campaign in an effective way.
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You can try using SendBlaster or Mailjet. I've used those before in my previous work. They offer free trial for 30 days I guess.
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You can use services like mailchimp, awber, mailpoet etc to send Emayil (not a spelling mistake. I can not use this word as a newbie) news letter.

(05-30-2015 07:05 PM)marcus_avrelius Wrote:  VPS and Dedicated hosting providers have unlimited emayils so you can send mass mails without any limitations. Don't try it on a shared host...

But what if we have an Unique IP address for our shared hosting? Will that also consider as spam?
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for that you need to have your own SMTP server because if your list is not good, no one will provide you mass mailing. top companies will not spoil their name. if your list is good but large then the solution of those companies will cost you very high.

in my opinion, the only solution is to have your own SMTP server. we can configure it for you. for more detail skype or write us.
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Nice! I was looking for the same..
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still looking for solution?
just skype me. we would provide you bulletproof solution.
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You can actually search on google, but here are some of the list that you can consider.

Constant Contact
Vertical Response
Campaign Monitor
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You can do it manually if you want to using Gmail accounts otherwise Mail Chimp is the best solution for it.
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you can try sales-push ,i am currently user of this esp. fully advance features and cheaper than mailchimp, aweber getResponse.
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If you are thinking to run an email marketing campaign and want to send bulk emails, then you can buy a software of Email marketing which helps you to send emails at a one time to many people. There are many tools available in the market on paid mode.
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Dedicated Server for your data and sending application, then a server with PMTA and multiple IPs on rotation for doing the sending. When your sending server gets too hot you can replace it without losing any of the data on your main server
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I have used MailChimp for this purpose, it's quite easy to use
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Committed Server for your information and sending application, then a server with PMTA and numerous IPs on turn for doing the sending. At the point when you're sending server gets excessively hot you can supplant it without losing any of the information on your fundamental server .VPS and Dedicated facilitating suppliers have boundless messages so you can send mass sends with no impediments. Try not to attempt it on a common facilitating as they will piece you for spam. I likewise don't suggest utilizing Gmail or any free messages benefit for this matter.
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Mailchimp website is available for help in to send mass emails at one time. MailChimp is an email marketing service and the trading name of its operator, an American company, founded in 2001. By June 2014 it was sending over 10 billion emails per month on behalf of its users.
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To send mass e mails u can use the softwares ..and follow below guide lines..

Click the [Module] tab.
In the [Module] Home page, select the check box(es) corresponding to the records to which you want to send mail.
Click Send Mail. Send mass mails page is displayed.
Select the Email Template from the drop-down list.
On selecting an email template, the subject and the body of the email will be auto populated. You can edit the content if you want.
Choose None from the drop-down list, if you want to create your own content and not choose a template.
Select the From address from the drop-down list.
Click the Change link, if you want to change the Attachment category.
Click the Browse link to browse and attach files.
Click Send.
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You can send mass bulk mail from software like mail chimp, mail blaster

Google this topic

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